The Lookout Crit

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 On August 13th after the Dodgers Big Win game we took over their small streets and shut it down for The Lookout Crit. A 1 mile long circuit with a 10% grade downhill to a sharp right turn, this race was definitely not for everyone. Although a lot of people came to spectate it seemed that a lot of riders were backing out at how "sketchy" that turn was. That's exactly what we wanted, this race was not for everyone, only the true masters of the brakeless track bike survived and the all the risk takers conquered their fear. 30 racers lined up including two women racers that hammered all the way and with the help of the Kushtown Crew we made sure to have a safe night stopping and alerting all cars when racers were approaching. We gave athletes a chance to do a neutral lap to feel the course with the whole field, after that it was a 13 lap countdown.


Straight off the bat the whole field split up once the first downhill came, some riders taking it tight and others wide. The ratio you ran was important in this race because if you weren't spinning you weren't winning. The brake-away consisted of riders from Team Zero Miedo, Mobbin Monday, GLK, and Leader Dev Squad. Shortly after the 8th lap Caesar from ZM amped up his watts and went solo for the remainder of the race conquering the whole field and winning the @Chrome Industries Prime and @Freqnt Flyr Cash Pot. With 2 women racing it was up to them to give the spectators a good finale as well and Evelyn from Engine 11 did just that with a whole lap gap winning the @Babinka Treats cash pot. Overall everyone had an amazing time and got High ass fuck we even had a 7g blunt that lasted the whole race and celebrated the #craftbeerpodium with the @fixedgearbeercrew 

Thank you everyone that came out to race, volunteer, spectate and donated last minute for our friend Rudy who is currently in need of our communities help. So if you have the chance please donate and send your prayers. 

Check out some more stills from @Boostamante Fotos

And enjoy this video from @LA Idea

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