The Last Crit

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We wanted to end the year right like we normally do and what better way to celebrate than on the iconic 6th Street Bridge of Los Angeles, CA. The iconic bridge is a landmark of LA used in many films, books, and of course the main connection used to travel from the Art District to Boyle Heights. The city of LA announced earlier this year that it would be demolished come January 2016 so we planned out this event in memory of all the fun times we have had sprinting on this bridge and of course end the year with a bike party. Registration was posted to begin at 9pm underneath the bridge, so we decided to get there an hour early to get settled in, spark some blunts, to only find ourselves that a party had already started. About 60 riders were already hanging out claiming the front row seats to what would be an spectacular finish. As time started ticking, racers pinning their @ConquerElite bib numbers, and our homies from @ZeroMiedo and @BabinkaTreats were keeping everyone warm with hot chocolates, bacon wrapped dogs, and medicated treats. We love seeing the community come together whether they are supporting a loved one or just being part of the movement, this was for sure one of the most epic events we have hosted.

 The race was set to be 30 minutes long with 3 laps to go along a 1.9 mile course. For us hosting unsanctioned races means trying to keep the course as safe as possible even though these fierce athletes are racing while cars and MTA buses are trying to avoid them. Dashing through red lights, sprinting the wrong way on a One-Way street and coming into a hairpin that would lead them to an uphill sprint up the 6th Street Bridge this course was definitely one of the sketchiest criterium we have ever hosted. That did not stop all 80+ racers, men and women, old and young, that participated and made history one last time. We did a neutral lap with our support vehicle leading the way, this case who ever hadn't ridden the course could know what they were getting themselves into. 3,2,1, GO! Must have been the cold weather because the first lap was one of the fastest laps of the night and just like that the peleton group had already strung out the whole field. Within those 30 minutes it was going to separate the strong from the weak and sure enough once the Prime Lap bell rang that made the gap even bigger. 20 minutes into the race and we get an alert from one of our scouts that cops are heading our way, we definitely didn't want it to get shut down like our 2014 420 Crit so we started pulling the last riders leaving only the woman field and stronger field from the guys. With no interruption the 30 minutes were up and it was 3 laps to go. About 20 racers were left in the final laps and it didn't seem like anyone was going to make a break away so it came down to the Final Sprint. Ronnie and Dante, two elite riders from @LeaderBikes performed an amazing sprint finish battling it out for the final tuck and Yung Gun Caesar from @ZeroMiedo right on their tail. Gotta give it up to the ladies that came out and joined the Suffer Club and for a great ending to the race. Shamane from @PFRacing led the women field winning First Place and a good battle for second place with "Kitty" from @ChiefLunes and Natalie of @ThroneCycles for third. Amazing efforts was put on by everyone that left it all on the field and gave the spectators a great show that night. None of this would have been possible with out the help from our sponsors, volunteers, spectators, vendors, supporters, and of course the athletes. Check out the awesome feed over on Instagram #THELASTCRIT 

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