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Kushtown Society originated back in 2009 with just a few friends from Koreatown LA that wanted to enjoy a party ride and explore the city on our track bikes. We would go from liquor stores, to empty lots and end up in some hidden park in the middle of LA. To think how much the culture is growing here in Los Angeles is surreal and with that our ride has changed as well. We went from going 13mph enjoying the city views to holding some pace-lines, hauling down Venice Blvd.Our ride has brought many riders from different parts of the county to even countries. We like to share the road with anyone that likes to ride bikes and at the same time take a few risks and share the same mentality as we do. We are not your average american pot heads who are lazy, We are active cannabis consumers seeking thrill and empty roads to ride. Our ideology of this movement is showcasing the benefits of medical marijuana in extreme sports whether its cycling or skateboarding to hiking and just plain simple being adventurous. 

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