The 420 Sprints

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This year we decided to go back to our roots and host the #420Sprints where we first hosted them, Elysian Park. If you are from the local area or ever visiting  go check out Scott ave. going west from Echo Park. Hella F U N ! We changed things up this year by doing a "stage" type of race that consisted of 3 local climbs that ended up at Angels Point, After completing the first stage only the top 20 could advance to the next segment. Pre celebrations started earlier in the day since the wake and bake session so by the time registration had opened more than half the crowed was already baked. Big ups to our friend and official sponsor @BabinkaTreats for coming through with those medicated treats and all new Energy bars that will be available soon. This year the podium swag was huge thanks to @ChromeIndustries for hooking it up with a bunch of greens and first place #CovetedJersey . Not only did winners get chrome goods but also an exclusive Limited Edition Hemp tee in collaboration with @RecreatorThis breathable hemp tee is designed to keep you cool on the bike and Rolling Stoned. All hemp tees are made in LA from imported fabric. Artwork by Mossy Giant. Only 50 pieces available HERE. If you missed on all the action check out the Live videos we posted on our Facebook page taken over by @TrafikLA who also supplied some goods for the podium winners.
The first segment consisted of Scott ave going up to Elysian Park and right off the bat the group separated quickly. Out of 50 racers only 20 advanced and both female and male riders went of those climbs suffering! The second segment went up Scott ave west of Stadium way that continued up Boylston st. Finally the third segment was up Elysian Park dr. that goes up to Angels point and with the road nicely paved it was a good finish to end the night with a smoke out. Thanks to all the supporters, spectators, racers, and everyone that came out to finish the night off with us. #GetHighClimbHigher

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